December 13, 2016

VMAC Launches UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Mounting Kits for 2017 Model Year Trucks & Vans

2017 VMAC UNDERHOOD Mounting Kits
VMAC announced it completed development of all UNDERHOOD 30, 70, 150 CFM and Direct Transmission Mount (DTM) 70 CFM air compressor mounting kits for 2017 model year trucks and vans.

"We are very pleased to announce that all VMAC UNDERHOOD air compressor systems and DTM 70 CFM air compressor systems for 2017 model year vehicles are ready for production and will be shipping in January," said Mike Pettigrew, marketing manager, VMAC.

VMAC has been working diligently with the major truck and van manufacturers since June to ensure all its systems were re-designed to meet the new model truck year design changes.

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